My order arrived and it was damaged or broken.

We are so sorry to hear your order arrived damaged or broken. We do take the necessary precautions when we package your order prior to shipment but sometimes the courier encounters issues beyond our control. If you received an order that was damaged or broken, please contact us via this form or by phone. 

We will replace your product and send you a new one for replacement. We will require you to take photos of the damage so we can file a claim with the courier service and for some order, may ask you to ship them back to us. This will depend on the extent of damage or the product. 

If we want you to ship the product back to us, we will provide you with a return authorization and mailing label. You will need to just place it in the original box, if possible and place the new shipping label we email you on the box. Then take it to your nearest post office or FEDEX location, depending on which courier we choose.

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