What is the standard size casket panel insert?

Every brand of caskets vary slightly in terms of the casket panel insert. For example, the standard size casket panel for the Batesville model is 14.5" high x 31.5" wide. Another manufacture may be close to that size by 1/4". We find that the standard Batesville size should be able to fit within a panel inset if it is within 1/4"  smaller or wider. 

You will want the fit of the insert or casket panel to be a little on the tighter size so it can stand on its own without any adhesion. You need to measure the existing panel in order to provide us with the right custom panel to cut. We recommend going UP a 1/8" - 1/4" so it fits on the tighter side, rather than loose.

Our video above shows you how to measure the casket panel insert if you don't already know how it's done.

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