What software do I use to edit the template?

You can use WORD (MAC/Windows), Publisher (Windows), Apple Pages (MAC) or Google Docs (requires no special software, edits online!)

You must have WORD, Publisher or Apple Pages installed on your computer in order to edit the templates made for each of those respectively. Google Docs is a free editor and can be edited online so you Our templates are compatible with Microsoft Word® version 2003 & up. So you are able to use it with versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and any other future releases of Word. 

For MAC users, they are compatible with Microsoft Word® 2004, 2008 and any future releases of this software. Publisher compatibility is for version 2000 and up and Apple iWork Pages compatibility is 08, 09, and up. In some cases we are able to send you a lower version, however keep in mind that the file size increases and often it is not feasible for the receiving email to accommodate such large files.

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