I am getting uneven white borders when printing my funeral program.

If you are getting uneven white borders around the perimeter of your funeral program after printing, you will need to check a few things. It is normal to have even 1/4" borders all the way around your paper, as long as they are even and roughly the same width around. If you have one side thicker than the other side, you will need to change some settings in your document.

The template is setup to print borderless IF you have a borderless printer which prints edge to edge. To check if you have one, go to your printer settings from your template and do a print. In the print popup box, you should be able to change the paper size or paper. Look for a Letter Borderless or edge-to-edge print option box and select it. If you do not see this option, you do no have a printer that enables you to print without a border. 

To even the white borders, check your printer properties:

  • margin settings are all set to 0
  • do not scale to fit
  • select the right paper size

Every printer is different so we cannot know where to tell you to find the above settings. They will be located within your printer properties somewhere, so you will have to know your way under the hood of your printer. If you are taking your file to a local print shop or using our professional printing services, you will not have this issue. It is printer related so it is not related to any template setting.

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