What if I don't receive my items in the time needed?

If the delay was due to inclement weather or other unforseen issues with the shipping courier, such as mechanical failure (plane, truck), these are things that we cannot prevent. These issues may arise from time to time and must be considered prior to your purchase to allow for any shipping delays. Because the shipping courier or we have no control over these things, we cannot provide any refund for shipping costs. It is important that you provide enough time for production, SHIP time and if possible give yourself a little extra days for unforseen issues.

If you did not receive the items because it was lost, damaged, or a failure on our part to get it out in a timely fashion as we note on our website for each product's turnaround time, then please submit a refund or product recreation via this form. We will take each request on an individual basis depending on what the issue was.

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