If I don't get my package in time, can I get a refund?

Buying shipped products is always a risk because there are factors that are beyond anyone's control such as delays in weather or plane issues. We cannot issue refunds because you did not receive the package on time if it was due to any acts of God such as weather or plane issues. These are unforseen issues that are done out of safety and precaution.

All other issues such as missing or damaged packages are investigated by our shipping department and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please make the extra time for shipping issues if you are able. But it is at your risk if you order something and do not account for additional time in case of issues which may arise. Anything can happen with shipped products. 

If we sent the package out to FEDEX or USPS in a timely manner and the issues lie with the shipper, we cannot take responsibility for a refund or that package unless the delay was on OUR END. It is important you take this into consideration before purchasing from our online superstore or any place online.

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