How do I print borderless?

The Funeral Program Site DIY templates are set so that the background images are placed all the way to the edge of the paper. In order for you to print the program on your home printer, in a borderless or edge-to-edge format, you will need to have a printer that provides the edge-to-edge feature.

Keep in mind, not all home printers offer this feature. If you're unsure whether or not you have a borderless printer, you can check by going to your print properties, under the paper setting. If it is available, your paper size will display letter-borderless or legal-borderless in the paper selection. The same holds true for the larger tabloid size.

Home desktop printers that do not have this option, will print the program with a 1/8 inch white border around the perimeter of the paper. In this case, if you want to achieve a borderless look, you will need to trim off this white border. If you choose to take the program to be printed at a local office supply store, they may not have a borderless printer but will achieve the full bleed or edge-to-edge printed presentation, by trimming the borders.

Be sure you check with your printer of choice if this is an important factor for you, as they may apply additional charges to your overall printing costs. The professional printing services provided by The Funeral Program Site are automatically printed in an edge-to-edge presentation, with no added fees.

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