What printer is best for printing obituaries?

The beauty of the funeral program site DIY templates is that you are able to print them yourself, if desired. Here are a few things to consider when printing funeral programs on a home printer.

There are 2 types of color printers that you can use to print funeral or obituary programs…an inkjet and a laser printer. Let’s briefly take a look at each type of printer to see the benefits of each one.

An Inkjet printer is less expensive to purchase than a laser printer, with their cartridges averaging between fifteen and thirty dollars a piece. The printer is often paired with scanning and faxing functions built-in. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on whether you plan to use these additional functions.

An inkjet printer produces a printed sheet by spraying ink on a page in a pattern. Keep in mind that inkjet cartridges have a much lower yield, or the number of pages it will print compared to its counterpart. Although the cartridge cost is less, it will cost you more per page to print. Some inkjet printers do allow an edge-to-edge or full-bleed printing which is an added bonus, when printing obituary programs. It is advisable to allow the inkjet printed sheets some drying time, to prevent smudging during assembly or folding

A laser printer on the other hand, produces crisp, clean documents because the toner fuses to the paper, just like a copier. Toner cartridges for these printers will cost in excess of one hundred dollars, however, they are generally a higher yield meaning they print thousands of pages each. There is also no drying time needed when printing on both sides. Although laser printers tend to be more pricey, laser printers are what we recommend when printing obituaries, due to faster page per minute, lower per page printing and no drying time needed. Laser printers do not offer an edge-to-edge or full-bleed option and will print all pages with a quarter-of-an-inch white border around the perimeter. In order to simulate a full-bleed presentation, this white border needs to be trimmed.

The Funeral Program Site offers printable obituary or funeral programs, for your home printer or one you can take to any local print shop. 

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