I can't print my funeral program!

if you are having problems printing your program from the template, check your printer connections to ensure they are correct. Once you verified that, go to your print settings in your printer properties and adjust them to the right paper size and quality setting. These are the most general things you can look for. 

Because every printer driver is different, you will have to be familiar with your own settings. If you are still unable to print your program, you can contact our support team during our business hours at (800) 773-9026, livechat or via email for assistance. Please make sure you are specific to the error messages or what exactly is happening when you are not able to print. 

This will help us get a better understanding of how to assist you. This issue occurs with problems with your printer and is not template related. We can guide you generally in what to look for but we do not know how every printer is setup because of the vast differences in the driver.

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