How To Make A Curve Text Box In Funeral Program Online Editor

Our easy-to-use online funeral program editor is the best way to create your funeral program because it offers an intuitive interface with minimal learning curve. There is no special software required. You will only need an internet connection to begin editing online. It is fully compatible with any device so you are able to use any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to edit your program. Our online editor, funeral program template is completely flexible and you are able to personalize as you desire.

One of the features within our online editor is the ability to create a curved text. This is useful if you want to wrap text around a photo or create a funeral program title, with an arch. Let’s take a look at how it works.

From our online editor, click on the text icon on the left navigation bar. Select add curved text. A curve text box sample, now appears in your template, along with a popup box for text effects.  Type in your desired wording in the box provided, then, adjust the radius and letter spacing, until you achieve the desired look. You can also reverse the presentation of the text by clicking on the reverse box. To rotate the text within the box, click on the handle provided at the top and turn.

Finally, you can close the popup box by clicking on the X on the top right. Then simply move the curved-text-box to the location within your online funeral program, to complete.

Our online editor is a wonderful tool and a great alternative to using a template for creating a funeral program online, quickly and easily. You are even able to try-before-you-buy in this collection, to see how easy it is to create this effect and test other features.

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