What Is A Homegoing Service Celebration

A homegoing celebration is a Christian or faith-based African-American traditional funeral service. Rather than only mourning a person’s departure from this life, homegoing celebrations view death in a more positive light. The focus being, the loved-one, going-home to heaven, and being with God forever.

This type of service is an upbeat and joyous celebration that includes much singing and praising the Lord. At a homegoing celebration, family members, friends, and the community, rejoice. They take part in the joyous celebration, knowing that their loved-one has returned to the comfort of heaven.

More often homegoing services follow a traditional burial, and the order-of-service components, are much like other faith-based services.

Home going services always include a funeral or obituary program as part of a distributed keepsake. A homegoing service program can contain but are not limited-to... the service information, obituary or biography, poems, scriptures, family tributes, and life photos. These programs can be a basic 4-sided, bi-fold program, or as elaborate as a multi-page booklet. In addition to the homegoing programs, prayer cards, bookmarks and other keepsakes may also be distributed.

A reception or re-past typically occurs after the service, which can be held at a private home, church, community center, or funeral home. This is where friends and family members gather together to fellowship, and continue to share stories and memories. The overall mood of the homegoing service is not somber because of the loss, but rather, focuses on celebrating the life and entrance into heaven. This alone, is a big comfort to the surviving family.

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