I Don't Have or Want To Purchase Software To Create My Funeral Program

The Funeral Program Site, we believe in providing you with as many options available in creating a printed memorial! If you do not have word, publisher or apple pages installed on your computer or if you have no plans to purchase any of these software, you can still use our DIY funeral templates using our online editor or google docs.

Neither of these 2 options require you to have any software installed on your computer and are free to use. They are both online based and only need an internet connection to begin editing. You can even use a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to edit our template.

For google docs, we do recommend, a g-mail account. If you don't already have a g-mail account, you can create a free one or just use your own email to create an account at google.com. Google docs and our online editor are easy to use, and an intuitive way to edit our funeral program template with a minimal, learning-curve. It is the best way for those who do not consider themselves tech-savvy or just want, a simple platform.

We have thousands of templates in our inventory and are still in the process of converting and adding our templates to Google Docs so if you purchase a template and do not have the Google Docs download link provided, contact us and we will set it up for you quickly.

Thanks for watching, we will see you next time in another questions and answers video only available at, the funeralprogramsite.com

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