There is a white border all around my funeral program.

Sometimes when you do a print preview, you may see a white border around the perimeter of your funeral program template document when printing or through the print preview. The white border appears thicker on the right side of the document than the other areas. 

This is due to your print driver settings. In order to get an even white border when printing or no border at all (for the printers that have the borderless feature), you need to make sure your margins are set to 0 and the paper size is set to letter or legal borderless. If you own an older printer, it is possible that you may need to download a new driver from your printer manufacturer's website. 

This issue is not a template problem but rather can be corrected through a setting within your print driver. This is also well documented in our Help Guide that is available to you for all purchases or you can contact our customer support for further assistance. Make sure you read our important printing tips for other helpful notes. 

Every printer is different so you may or may not experience this issue. If you see this when doing a print preview for your home printer and plan to take this to an offsite printer, you should not see this in the final printed document. The print facility will know how to set their print driver to manage this issue.

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