How Much Does It Costs To Print Funeral Programs?

Funeral program printing can have a wide range of prices, and is dictated by what print shop you choose, the quantity, the paper size, the type of paper used, a full bleed, and assembly style. It does not matter how much color you print on a page. So whether you have one red heart on a black and white page, or a full color photo collage, it will still count as a color print and is charged, as such.

Office supply stores are a popular choice for families to print funeral programs because they typically offer good pricing and may offer coupons for more cost savings. It’s best to choose 3 different local printers and copy shops to obtain their pricing for your type of program. You will find pricing will vary, so make sure you take note for each, and what the turnaround time would be for completion.

The more copies you do, the higher the pricing. It is a good idea to ask about volume discounts per sheet, if you are going to need a higher amount. Usually print shops do provide discounts per page, as you go up in quantity.

Paper sizes tend to add costs when you go from a standard letter size sheet to a large tabloid size. The difference in cost between each sizing may be quite significant. A letter size sheet of paper will be your best option for the most cost effective program size printed.

Special papers can add to the price of your programs.  You can choose a heavier weight, a gloss or matte finish, and even paper with textures and colors.  The most cost effective is a 32 pound weight which is a step above the standard copy paper. You may also inquire with the printer if you are able to bring in your own. This will offset your cost and may save you some if you purchase directly from a paper supply store.

Printing with a bleed or edge to edge, is another consideration. Most printers will leave a quarter inch, white border around the perimeter of the page. If you want an edge-to-edge presentation, the printer trims off that white border to achieve the look. There will be a surcharge because it is an additional step that must be done.

The type of assembly means how the print shop will fold your programs. The most common fold is the bie-fold, or program that folds directly in half. More complicated ones include trifolds, gatefolds, or graduated funeral programs. The programs that require a hand-fold verses a machine-fold will be more costly, due to the manual way it is achieved.

All these things must be considered when you search for a local printer. Online resources such as the funeral program site, specialize in printed memorials and are more likely to include all of these items within the final cost.

Today, in 2022, the base pricing for standard funeral program printing, can range anywhere between 3 to 500 dollars per 100 programs. Keep in mind however, the many factors discussed that will affect the overall price.

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