What Does Wearing An Awareness Ribbon Mean?

Wearing awareness ribbons are very fashionable today and it also sends a subtle message that you are supporting a cause or raising awareness for a particular cancer or cause. People often wear an awareness ribbon because a loved one close to them was afflicted or are personally connected to a certain cause.

These types of ribbons vary in sizing and are created in a criss-cross fashion. You may find them with or without personalization on each side of the ribbon.  It is fastened with a miniature safety pin on the upper part of a garment. The ribbons are available in a variety of colors, with each color depicting a specific cancer or cause.  

The ribbon is usually worn on the left chest or over the heart, which is symbolic for a cause that is close to the heart. 

When a person dies from cancer, the surviving family members may order a ribbon associated with his or her death. Wearing it in unison at a funeral or memorial service shows support for finding a cure and hope for beating the disease.

If you are not sure what color a certain cause represents, there are color charts available online as well as on The Funeral Program Site.  Ribbon colors can be found in solids, dual-color, tri-colors, and even patterns representative to the cause. If you want to start your own cause or ribbon color, we are also able to make custom awareness ribbons for you.

Here's a quick peek of actual funeral ribbons and the various designs available from The Funeral Program Site. You can order them for all your funeral attendees or only for the immediate family to wear. They also make great In Loving Memory Gifts for someone who has recently lost a loved one through a disease or cancer.

The Funeral Program Site creates quality cancer awareness ribbons to wear for any occasion or at a funeral or memorial. You will find the best variety of embellished and personalized ribbons to the simple ribbons in the traditional size or smaller. Cancer awareness ribbons can be worn multiple times a year on a special day or during a cancer awareness month. 

Check out our Funeral Program Sample library for inspiration and to view our current collection of designs, styles and sizes only at the funeral program site dot com

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