How To Replace Install Custom Casket Panel Insert

A custom casket panel insert is a beautiful option you can have created here at the funeral program site. They can add color to the otherwise white interior of the casket. Our panels are designed so replacing the plain panel is quick and easy.

The standard casket already offers a plain panel insert. Typically the funeral home replaces the plain insert with a custom panel. Because of the material and technique we use, anyone can easily replace the original panel.
Each of our custom panel inserts are made to order, and are offered in the standard size or cut to your specific dimensions. Replacing and adding our colorful panel is easy and you won't even need to remove the original one. Simply take the new panel and gently press it over the original. As long as your dimensions are correct, It should fit snugly within the indented area. There is no glue or special tools needed. Your new panel will fit perfectly with just a few gentle presses.
As you can see, our custom panels are very easy to install and can be inserted by a family member or funeral home. After the service, it can easily be removed and kept as a memorial keepsake or remain within the casket.  If your not sure how to measure a casket panel, click on the link above and view our video on how you can get the dimensions to place your order today.

Thanks for watching and staying with us for another informative video series!  We'll see you next time in another round of funeral related videos only here at the funeral program site dot com!

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