How Does It Work?

What Are My Options For Custom Funeral Programs?

You Can Use Our Products Services in 3 Ways: 

  1. You purchase any one of our templates within our funeral programs gallery and you customize it yourself by entering the text for your funeral service and related photos. This is the most cost effective option. You will only need to pay for the template since you are customizing it yourself.
  2. You purchase the funeral template and have our professional designer customize the program for you to its entirety. You simply email the photos as an attachment and related text information and we'll do the rest! We will then email you a completed custom funeral program within 1-2 hour. You can then take this file to the printer of your choice. You will need to purchase the template and customization service.
  3. We do it all for you! You just email the related photos and text and we will customize it and print your custom funeral programs for you. You will then be sent the programs via FEDEX which will be distribution ready. All you need to do is distribute them to your attendees. Bereaved families all over the United States have loved our professional printing services and so will you!
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