Do I have to use a photo on the front of the program?

We strive to add new designs to our DIY funeral programs collection on a weekly basis. We understand that not everyone has the same needs and may not have access to a photo of a loved one. Every one of our templates enable you to personalize it with or without a photo. We do include filler text and a pre-set photo box on the cover, but you are free to change or tailor it to your service. The box on the front cover can be removed if you do not wish to have a photo on the front cover. Simply, click on the box and hit delete on your keyboard to remove. Alternatively, you can move the photo box or place it on any inside or back page, if desired.

Our DIY funeral program templates are created so you can have maximum flexibility with the content. The filler text is included to help guide you along and give you an example of what a typical program may look like.

We offer the largest variety of styles and themes and each will enable you to customize the program to your specific needs. Thanks for watching another questions and answers video. View our collections today, only available at the

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