Can I print my program on card stock paper?

You can print any of our funeral templates on any weight paper you choose. Card stock paper is a heavier weight and is called "card stock" because it has the feel similar to the weight of a greeting card. If you choose to print it on the heavier weight, it can cause the paper fold to crack. 

Scoring the paper prior to folding is recommended for those who wish to print on card stock paper. Scoring is the creation of a crease in a piece of paper that will allow it to fold easier and result in a better looking line. This is achieved by creating a ridge in the paper with an indentation tool. The scoring minimizes any cracking on the folded edge and provides the best presentation.

Alternatively, We do recommend a 32 pound paper weight which is the thickest you can go without going card stock. This paper can usually be found at your local paper supply store.

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