What is the best paper to print for my DIY funeral program template?

We recommend using a 32 lb. paper which is the thickest you can choose before going card stock. We don't recommend using a thick card stock because when you go to fold it, the folding edge tends to crack. A 32 lb. paper is a good choice because it is a nice substantial weighted paper but not too thin and not too thick which will cause you problems in assembly.

Here's a short video on the best funeral paper weight to use with your funeral program.

You can purchase a 32 lb. weight paper at any office supply or FEDEX Kinkos for the letter size. The office stores may not carry the larger size paper for legal and tabloid in this weight paper so you will need to go to a paper supply in order to find it. You can also use a 28 lb. paper as an alternative, although not as thick. 

If you have your funeral program printed at a local office supply store or FEDEX facility, they will carry the 32 lb. paper in letter size but may not have it in the larger sizes. It is best to ask them to see samples of the larger weighted paper so you can determine for yourself if it is an acceptable alternative.

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